Client Video Spotlight: Newman Medical
October 23, 2014
By Chris Pagoria • Marketing Manager

Recently we completed a series of videos to help with the launch of ASTRO; a new product from Newman Medical. ASTRO is a new medical device to aid in the diminishing of pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Medical device engineer and company founder Brad Newman came to us looking for a series of videos to help promote his new invention. 

Motion Source completed 3 types of videos for Newman Medical: a product profile video, an inventor testimonial and a client testimonial video. With these videos Newman Medical will be able to better explain their product to their target audience: heel pain sufferers affiliated with plantar fasciitis. The product profile video explains what the Astro device is and how the product works.

The inventor testimonial video gives prospective consumers insight into how the ASTRO device came to fruition. This video was especially successful because Brad, the inventor, is also a user of the product. This video serves a dual purpose, acting as both a customer testimonial video and an inventor testimonial video. The video was shot in our studio with all the b-roll coming from "behind the scenes" shots.    

The client testimonial video shows the results the ASTRO device can have. Client testimonial videos are important because they provide social proof to your product or service. It provides context for consumers and allows them to connect with a "person like me." This video was shot in our studio with b-roll coming from "behind the scenes" shots and footage of the client running without heel pain. 

Newman Medical also used a variation of a technique outlined in our e-book 30 Ways to Use One Video for their website. Newman Medical uses the the domain name as their primary URL compared to a more traditional URL format such as or These vanity URL's provide companies with another marketing tool that can be used in a promotional campaign. Please Contact Us at Motion Source for a free copy of our e-book.