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April 20, 2018

Motion Source Marketing Initiative: Video Brochures & Postcards

By Michelle Maslanka • Producer

Following the launch of the new Motion Source website, we released our next major marketing initiative: a wave of 150+ custom video brochures! These beautifully designed products were loaded with a :30 reel and delivered to businesses and creative agencies throughout the Chicagoland area. Shortly after, we followed up with a one-two punch of postcards to round out this knockout marketing combination. Learn more about these products, our strategy, and the execution of these projects!

March 09, 2018

Motion Source Marketing Initiative: Website

By Michelle Maslanka • Producer

At the end of February, an exciting event occurred: the new Motion Source website went live! Before then, small updates to the site had generally occurred on a monthly basis, but the last time the website was fully overhauled was back in 2014. Over the last four years, we have evolved significantly as a company, and our site no longer felt like an accurate representation of our team, our work, and our capabilities. This project didn’t happen overnight; to be honest, it didn’t even happen over the course of a year either. But it did take a good deal of self-reflection, dedication, and patience to produce a better suited platform and a successsful project.