What Snow, Ice and Winter Cold in Chicago Means for Your Video Production
March 06, 2015
By john scaletta • President

Broadly it means adapt and bundle up! However, more specifically it means thinking creatively and finding solutions to keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose and our camera lenses. 

Obviously move your production indoors whenever possible during the frigid winters in Chicago. 


Chicago is home to thousands of beautiful indoor spaces that can host your video project. From the supply of video production studios, like The Motion Source Studio, to industrial style loft spaces downtown to historical masterpieces around the suburbs there is definitely a space for every video! 

If you are looking for green among the white landscape of winter you can rent out the Crystal Gardens on Navy Pier for your video project. This 6 story high glass atrium features over 80 living palm trees, lush foliage and dancing leap frog fountains. With over an acre of square footage to roam around through the Crystal Gardens could be just the backdrop you are looking for to show a little greenery in your video. 

One of the more versatile approaches to shoot a video in the winter months is to use a professional video studio. With a professional studio the possibilities are endless! From infinite style white backdrops to black to blue to any color under the sun. We can also use green screen to place you anywhere on earth or create a concept environment. If your project is looking for a built set, we can do that to! Below is a reel of select projects shot in our studio. 

Of course, don't forget that we will travel to you! Most business offices and work spaces look about the same 12 months of the year, which allow us not have barriers to filming. We can complete your video at office in as little as a half of day, depending on the size of the project. We can use individual offices, common areas, conference rooms or really anywhere that features 'who you are' and 'what you do.''

Of course you can also use a combinations of spaces. Recently we completed a video for HistoryLines which we needed a attic, living room and a concept based space. We rented out a house in the suburbs that had everything we needed for the domestic look and then used our studio to create the concept based space.  See the video below to see all of these spaces working in unison. 

When in doubt, embrace the weather! Show your product's versatility! 


Hot dog and burger sales at grocery stores may fall during the winter months but that might just be because companies market those products as summer centric. Imagine a video campaign that shows the Iron Man Grillmaster: the guy that fights rain, snow, sleet and cold to conquer the grill! Or a video that shows a family missing the charbroiled taste of summer, as they are fighting seasonal depression they can only find one cure: conquering the grill. Or how about a fun outdoor winter BBQ, where we set the scene of the video with a backyard patio complete with fire pits, hot chocolate stations and grills. 

Of Course there is always the option to travel

At Motion Source we have had crews travel as far west as California and as far east as Finland! If you video project demands the summer sun and has a deadline that can't wait for the green grass of summer to start growing we can travel to find the look you need. We have made an investment in travel gear that allows our crews to get in and get out quickly to get the shots you need while keeping the costs low. Last fall we completed a travel trip in one day to Alabama, with only one day to arrange the travel as well. We got a call on Wednesday morning with a request to shoot on Thursday from a long time client that needed a trusted crew to capture footage that would only be attainable on that Thursday. The crew headed to the airport, flew down, got the shots and headed back.