Non Profit Video Marketing - Awareness, Donation and Change
March 12, 2015
By craig bass • Creative Director

Video marketing is huge for non profit organizations! We have all seen the ASPCA ads featuring the ballads sung by Sarah McLachlan or the many anti-smoking campaign ads. But these national ad campaigns are just a segment of the total non profit video marketing space. Non profits small and large are using video campaigns to grow awareness for their causes, raise money for their organizations and sometimes can even effect change just by using their videos as educational pieces. Video is a powerful tool for non profits because it allows for organizations to touch viewers through dynamic visuals, powerful stories and music that can take you on an emotional roller coaster. 


Sometimes an organization is looking for a full profile of their organization and their cause overall. It was important to Beds Plus to create a video that not only profiled who they are and what they do, but also educated the public on the social problems that their organization addresses overall within the local community. In their video they wanted to feature organization employees, community volunteers and members of the public that benefit from the services they provide. This is the resulting video: 


The Legacy Guild hosts an annual dinner to raise money for their organization and wanted a video to tell the story of why they do what they do. At the dinner they would unveil the video and use it as a tool to raise money. Earlier in the year they received a letter from one of the families benefiting from the organization's work and wanted to use the story detailed in the letter for the premise for the video. The video closes with a powerful donation based message: "How much would you give to create a lasting legacy for our future scholars?" Here is the completed video:

Visuals, Stories and Emotions

This final video sample is from the H Foundation; an organization that raises money for cancer research. We used a scenic city park with hanging photos of family members lost to cancer. We then featured several stories from their surviving family members. A final piece about a child cancer patient began the process of pulling on the viewers heart strings but it was the delivery of this video that really put on the big show. The H Foundation used this video at their annual charity event: The Goombay Bash! When the video completed the little girl walked on stage and the crowd lost it! It was the perfect ending to the video viewing portion of the evening. The paddles went up and raised $82,000 which was more than double from the previous year without a video.