Product Instructional Videos
March 30, 2015
By Chris Pagoria • Project Manager

Product features, tips, tricks, and safety points are just a few of the tidbits you can include in a product instructional video for your product. At Motion Source we see our clients sometimes struggle with how to educate their customers on all the features of their products; both simple and complex. When product features become selling points for your product it is important that potential buyers are well informed. Printed brochures, product catalogs, website copy, magazine advertising and direct mail post cards all might included the sum of the product information and features but they are not as dynamic as video. Customers expect to see video on your website! And as a retailer you want product education materials to be simple and easy to comprehend. Website viewers can in "one click" sit back relax and enjoy a simple product video that highlights product features and value propositions. 

For example, watch this product video below that we completed for Klein Tools on the Hook Meter product.

The Hook Meter video is dynamic with on screen graphics and enhanced visuals, but it also serves a strong selling purpose. The sales pitch within this video is a comparison to computers pitch. The video shows the struggles and frustrations consumers face when using a competitor product and what makes the Klien Tool's Hook Meter better. 

While the competitor comparison video concept works well for some products other product videos use other concepts to sell their products. AdCura, a healthcare products company, came to Motion Source to develop a product video for their Patient ID Wristbands. The wanted a video that not only details product features and benefits but also showed the step by step process of using and implementing their product into a customers work environment. See the results below...

Another product video type is what we call the "Tip of the Day Video." When Apple launched the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models along with it came iOS 8, the newest mobile operating software from Apple. With the new software download came a long list of new product features. Trying to introduce this long list of features all at once could be overwhelming for iPhone users and they will not begin to incorporate these new features into their daily use. To combat this Apple released an application called Tips. This app pushed notifications to users detailing one new software feature each day. This slow drip of product education allowed user to absorb knowledge and start using new features one at a time. 

We applied the same thinking to a series of videos Motion Source created for Thomson Industries. Thomson has a full product line of linear motion devices and each product has many unique features. In the video below you will see the concept of "Tip of the Day Video." This simple video was shot in our studio and used an on screen spokesperson. The narrator shows users one feature of the product by teaching them how to lift multiple columns of the device by synchronizing the columns. This short simple video is effective as it informs potential customers, educates current users, builds brand loyalty and keeps the Thomson name in front of the market by slowing dripping out one video at a time over an extended period.