Hosting a Launch Event for Your Video Release
April 16, 2015
By john scaletta • President

As an organization, business, group or even as an individual it is important to celebrate all of your successes. By celebrating your successes you are making a statement that you are achieving your goals, you are declaring an anthem that you are accomplishing your missions. The launch of your newest video should be no different! You have put a lot of work into developing this new piece of branding or marketing material and you should be proud of it.

When you complete your video project, we encourage you to make an event out of the launch of it. Whether you host a live premier event, and invite people out to a night of festivities leading up to the big showing, or you host an online webinar to unveil the video, make a big deal out of it! This type of event can act as a team building experience for your staff as well as a publicity event to gain awareness for your brand. 

And remember invite everyone!


Invite everyone who contributed on the project: your team, subcontractors, friends, the favors you called in and supporting office staff who may not have been their on production day but helped in the development of the concept and execution. Have your team invite family and friends and turn the event into a networking night. Many times we see interviewees in a video project that have never worked on a project like this, have never been in front of the camera or seen a full production studio in action. These are big moments for them and they would surely be happy to share the fruits of their work with their friends and family. 

Finally, seize the day!  As soon as you think you have invited everyone possible, go through your rolodex one last time. Invite local officials, media/news organizations, your neighbors, business associates and more. The headline can read "Local Organization Gets a Taste of Hollywood!" 

One last note, you really should start planning the event while you are producing the video. This will remind you to be taking behind the scene photos, saving script documents and by telling your staff about the event before you shoot the video this will encourage them to put in a high level of work effort because they know the premier event will be huge! 


So your video launch event was a success, now what?  

The fun of use and promoting your video does not end after premier day! There are endless ways you can use your video to help promote you brand. Check out this e-book we put together titled 30 Ways to Use One Video. This book is a guide that shows you just 30 of the infinite ways you can use your one video.  The book includes ideas such as posting to social media, bring it to a trade show, sponsor an event, use it for multiple blog post topics, digital introductions, add it to your local search profile, use it during sales presentations and so many more!